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Career Counselling Workshop

It is a type of psychotherapy that involves meeting with a group of individuals whom all face similar concerns. Group sessions involve sharing experiences and listening to others’ experiences. For significance of counseling it is pertinent to note that as sometimes we find ourselves struggling often privately and in silence, to cope with something until we begin to talk with each other and soon we realize that there are other people facing similar concerns. Initially the counseling may seem intimidating but it is a great way to meet other students whom one can relate to and offer a great way to learn and grow with one another. It provides a supportive environment to discuss problems and concerns and to work toward individual goals. Groups of 5-10 students meet on weekly a quarterly basis with the counselor facilitating the session. At times the President of our NGO Mr. Deepak Saxena also acts as a counselor. As a result of counseling one can expect to meet six to ten times during a quarter. Each session varies in length from 50 to 80 minutes depending on the participants. One also gets an opportunity to continue with the same students into the next quarter. Topics addressed in the sessions ranged from social confidence, cultural awareness, coping with illness and disability, career exploration etc. But mainly while organizing such sessions we focus on guidance and counseling concerning career development of the students. Social skills are promoted through these sessions. While it is common for students to feel anxious prior to attending their first session, most students feel relieved and more comfortable as the session progresses. The counseling also teaches the student about himself and facilitates a way of uncovering the areas that may be blocking the abilities of the students to overcome certain issues. It is prominently noticed that the experience of the session often reduces loneliness and normalizes the individual experiences so also promotes change in quick and meaningful way and also helps to learn and process new skills.